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The 'Cyber Chain' model described by defense giant LockHeed Martin is widely used in the IT security community to describe the 7 stages of a cyber intrusion. It suggests that to prevent an IT intrusion, you only need to prevent any 1 of the 7 stages of a cyber attack.

"Our mission is to help one business to better protect themselves from IT threats!" ...and this is how...

  • Our easy to use free proprietary online advanced vulnerability scanner (IVS) will help you prevent the first stage; 'reconnaissance' - the initial gathering of information about your Internet facing Firewall and services such as websites. We do this by analysing the security of your Internet facing services using our exclusive technology and reporting back to you any exposed perimeter vulnerabilities so that you can fix them before they are exposed.
  • Our exclusive blog snippets on IT Security from our expert cyber taskforce will provide you with straight to the point information on experiences, best practices and advice.

We will defeat the bad guys together!