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Is there really such a thing as free anti-virus for businesses?

My Manager asked me to deploy a set of servers and make sure they're secure - including anti-virus. The mission was to do this without spending any money on anti-virus!

When you google for free anti-virus, there's a lot of results - and some include trusted names such as AVG. The problem is when you start reading the small print terms and conditions, they are usually only free for personal home use; and not if using for a business. Watch out for this one, as it catches a lot of people out!

The only product I could find which ticked the box of the mission was Immunet from Cisco. It is worth noting that this covers only Windows servers, so wouldn't work in a Linux environment.

Also don't forget Windows 2016 comes with free Windows Defender Antivirus which could also be used. Whilst neither of these solutions would scale to many servers because they don't have centralised management, they are another useful tool in the toolbox for the right scenario.