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It's all about us! Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it...

Who are you?

We are IT security experts who have worked in the industry for 15+ years.

What does your website offer?

Free proprietary IT vulnerability Scanning (IVS) and straight to the point blogs for IT security.

What is IVS?

ItPenTest Vulnerability Scanner is an online software as a service (SaaS) which can support penetration testing. It will scan your public IP address or web address and report back to you the vulnerabilities which are exposed. In some cases it may even show you some services you didn't know you were running!

Unlike some of the other free online vulnerability scanners on the market, IVS has a simple clean interface that will auto detect the target and do an all in one scan appropriately so you don't need to worry about up-front configuration.

Is IVS free?

Yes, at present time it is free as it's in beta.

What vulnerabilities does IVS scan for?

Our proprietary scan and analysis includes open ports, ICMP, SMTP open relay, anonymous FTP login, SSH password only configuration, weak HTTPS SSL keys/protocols/self-signed certificates. We are adding to our list all of the time.

Do you fix the vulnerabilities that IVS finds?

No, although the report will advise what actions are recommended for you to take.

What technology is being used to do the IVS scanning and reporting?

We use a combination of best of breed open source tools combined with proprietary technology.

Will an IVS scan cause any damage to our systems?

No, a scan is purely a non-intrusive probe to see what TCP ports are open at the address and if anything obvious is exposed via those ports which shouldn't be. It will only detect what's already being advertised by your systems, however our technology will make it visible to you so you can fix.

How do you prevent users of IVS from abusing it by flooding websites and addresses with scans?

By design, each address or website can only be scanned once a day. If you need this increased because you're doing multiple scans of your own addresses, then contact us.

Do you provide scanning of private IP addresses?

Contact us for more information.

Where are you based?

London, United Kingdom.